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A Better Way to Communicate

Sangoma offers customers a superior, overall solutions when considering the combined value of pricing, features, quality, and support. This enables you to communicate and connect better with your customers through a high-quality solution with a low total cost of ownership. In today’s fast-paced world, Sangoma believes organizations can achieve greater

levels of success by having access to powerful, affordable communications solutions that will help you connect and collaborate in new ways.

As a leading voice and Unified Communications (UC) solution provider, Sangoma is doing just that with their award-winning cloud and on-premise UC PBX solutions and continuing product innovation. With Sangoma, businesses of all sizes can find affordable cloud and on-premise UC systems with advanced functionality. Sangoma is a leader in enterprise-grade, value-based communications, delivering industry-leading quality at price points that maximize customers’ return on investment.

The experts at Converged Digital Networks are fully certified on the Sangoma portfolio of products and have saved customers thousands of dollars by leveraging the Sangoma solutions over other pricier brands offered.


Converged Digital Networks is a proud Sangoma Gold Partner.

Communicate Wherever, Whenever, However You'd Like



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Switchvox UC PBX



Sangoma CX Contact Center



Sangoma Meet



Sangoma FAXStation


Powerful, Feature-Rich Desk Phones

Sangoma’s line of P-Series phones are designed to deliver the features you need, at price points perfect for every type of user, and every type of business. All models include color screens, high definition voice, are headset-ready, provide unprecedented plug-and-play deployment, and have built-in productivity applications including voicemail, call log, contacts, phone status, user presence, parking and more.

P-Series Groups_Series.png

P-Series IP Phones


Meetings from Any Device

Sangoma Meet enables anyone to start a video conference of up to 75 video participants on any device they want. Collaborate with co-workers on projects, keep in touch with your whole family, share some face-time with your team or meet their family and pets and feel like you’re there with them.


Sangoma Meet



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Revolutionize Your Contact Center with Sangoma CX

Sangoma CX is a cloud-based powerhouse that takes your contact center to the cutting edge. Manage both inbound and outbound interactions with an intuitive interface, letting you create queues, assign agents, and access real-time analytics with ease.


Sangoma CX flexes to your needs.

You can customize call routing, management, and reporting for peak operational efficiency. Plus you can even deliver an omnichannel journey that delights your customers.


Sangoma CX integrates AI automation

You'll streamline interactions, boost agent productivity, and elevate caller satisfaction.

Sangoma CX logo.png

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To learn more about how Sangoma Solutions can give your business an advantage contact us!

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