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Unlock Network Agility

Discover the power of network hardware that allows you to handle the growing demands of today’s organizations in a simple, flexible, and efficient way.

Extreme Networks' switches allow you to evolve the Network at your own pace. The 5000 Series of Universal Switches provides end -to-end-secure network segmentation.

The experts at Converged Digital Networks are fully certified on the full portfolio of Extreme Networks products.


Extreme Networks' Switches Provide:


Unleash the power of the cloud, with automated network configuration and 70% fewer SKUs for a streamlined deployment experience.


Experience highly flexible management through on-premises or cloud-based options, allowing you to manage your network from a single view.


Lower the costs of operational overhead with “universal licensing” providing you with a poolable, portable, cloud-based license that reduces the total cost of ownership.

See How Universal Hardware Unlocks Network Agility for Today’s Organizations.


To download PDF of brochure, click on image below.

5320 Switch Bruchure Image.png

5320 Series Brochure

5420 Switch Brohure Image.png

5420 Series


5520 Switch Brochure Image.png

5520 Series Brochure

5720 Switch Brochure Image.png

5720 Series


Unlock Your Network Potential with 5000 Series Switches

Consisting of 5720, 5520, 5420, and 5320 series families, the 5000 series supports ExtremeCloud IQ-based management and automation services while simplifying network operations.

5000 Series Switches Brochure Image.png

5000 Series Switches  Brochure

To learn more about how Extreme Networks Solutions can give your business an advantage contact us!

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