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Converged Digital Networks (DNDC)

Converged Digital Networks is a multi-faceted telecommunications family-owned company providing reliable, high quality and cost effective solutions and services to a wide-range of customers from small business to enterprise.

Our Story
Founded in 1987 by Joseph R. Weddle as Digital Network Development Company (DNDC), the company was renamed Converged Digital Networks (CDN) as a result of digital networks becoming less of a mission for the company.  Converged Digital Networks was born to support the changing landscape of technology and our ability to change with technology.

Our Mission

Our mission at Converged Digital Networks is to be the trusted and recognized leader and supplier of choice in business communications by providing innovative and cost effective solutions that meet the customers’ needs.

Our Goal
Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations through extraordinary service, support and vision.

Our Managed Services Program
We are pleased to offer a managed services program option so that customers can minimize the risks and responsibilities associated with ownership and operation of their communications system while maximizing their investment.

Managed Services Benefits

  • Full Service and Warranty

  • Guaranteed Rates for Expansion

  • Free Software Upgrades

  • Disaster Recovery Provision

  • No Penalty Obsolescence Protection& Recast Flexibility

  • Risk of Loss Coverage (including Software viruses)

  • System Training

  • Discounted System Relocation

  • Guaranteed Renewal Options

  • Flexible Contract Terms


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by chat, phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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