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Network Foundations

Right now, preparing your network is the smartest decision you’ll make.

Extreme Networks makes it easy with our Network Foundations. Our bundled solution layers advanced analytics to reduce time and troubleshooting costs, provide effortless experiences in order to alleviate the burden on your IT resources and eliminate downtime. It's the simple and most affordable advanced wireless solution available.

The experts at Converged Digital Networks are fully certified on the full portfolio of Extreme Networks products.


Network Foundations Delivers

Anywhere management

Centralized view and management of every location, user, and device your IT team manages from any internet connection.


Proactively fix complex network problems

Analytics driven issue identification and resolution mitigates issues before they happen.


Best-in-class analytics optimize guest experiences and manage assets Advanced algorithms provide critical business insights to identify and configure guest network access as well as track assets and traffic patterns.


Secure wireless Data privacy, residency, and sovereignty standards are inherit by design. An additional layer of security provides threat detection on your wireless network.

Start Building Your Network Foundation

Your technology must help you lead in an ever-changing market. The right technology must be able to give your team the information they need to make smart decisions while reducing maintenance and troubleshooting. If your current technology is not doing that, don’t worry, our experts can help specify the right Extreme Networks solution for your organization.


The right network technology should be:


- Easy: Simple to buy and to deploy.


- Efficient: To help you do more with less.


- Reliable: A solution that you never have to worry about


Ready to build a strong network foundation? 


To download PDF of brochure, click on image below.

Network Foundations Brochure Thumbnail.png

Network Foundation Bundles Brochure

About the Network Foundations

Network Foundations offers a cloud managed networking solution comprised of ExtremeCloud™ IQ network management software, an 8-port or 16-port PoE edge switch and three access points.

To learn more about how Extreme Networks Solutions can scale with your business, contact us!

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