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Carrier Services

Converged Digital Networks is pleased to offer a wide range of voice services. Whether you have a large centralized campus, multiple remote locations, or all of the above, we can help you select the perfect solution to meet your needs. Having the right services in place is crucial to ensure business continuity and disaster preparedness. Our experts can guide you through the process as you develop your organizations disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

The Best Service at the Best Available Price + Free Telecom Assessment

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide expert guidance in choosing the most effective and economical network services for your particular needs.  We always have your best interest in mind and will negotiate directly with the telecommunications providers so you receive high quality services at the best rates.

Contact our Experts to schedule a free telecom assessment to determine if your using all of the services you are paying for and whether or not you are paying more than you should be.

Network Services

By partnering with all the major carriers we are able to offer side by side cost comparisons. This ensures you will always receive the best available price for services from Converged Digital Networks.

  • SD-WAN

  • Local/ Long Distance Services

  • Local T1/PRI Voice Services

  • SIP Services

  • High Speed Internet

  • MPLS – Private WAN

  • Ethernet Private Line

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