Remote Worker Solutions

Throughout the Pandemic, enabling employees to work from home has been by and far the most implemented business continuity plan. At Converged Digital Networks, we are pleased to offer the full portfolio of Mitel and Sangoma on-premise, cloud and hybrid communication solutions.

Our solutions include remote worker tools, such as softphone and video meeting applications to make it easy for your team members to collaborate. In most cases, users simply download a smartphone app and can immediately begin working from home. Remote workers can place outbound calls just as if they were calling from their office phone (passing the company CallerID instead of their personal cell CallerID) as well as make extension to extension calls and leverage all the features of their desktop office phone.

We are dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes select the right tools to meet your organizations budget so you can enable your employees to work from home temporarily or full-time.


Remote Collaboration Tools (1:12)

Sangoma Meet


MiTeam Meetings Overview (1:04)

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Sangoma Meet


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MiTeam Meetings


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