Workforce mobility is an essential component of today’s enterprise.  With Mitel wireless IP telephones, organizations can extend the reach of their communications network, improve customer service and enhance overall team effectiveness.
Mitel offers a choice of full-featured, integrated wireless IP solutions to suit your geographic and technology preferences (DECT and Wi-Fi /802.11). These solutions permit the easy addition of wireless IP handsets to an existing Mitel ICP.
Organizations with legacy PBX environments can also access the benefits of wireless IP solutions. Using a Mitel ICP as a wireless gateway, you can add full wireless IP functionality to an existing PBX in an incremental fashion and avoid the need for expensive PBX upgrades. 

SpectraLink 802.11 Solutions   Mitel IP-DECT Solution (EMEA only)
SpectraLink Wireless Telephone Systems provide organizations with the competitive advantage needed in today’s service-oriented and fast-paced work environment
  The Mitel IP-DECT solution provides high functionality wireless phones with easy access to telephony and messaging services. It is ideal for businesses requiring cost effective wireless voice services.
Wireless Gateways   Mitel IP-DECT System (Global)
Workforce mobility has emerged as a mission-critical element within the enterprise. With this in mind, Mitel has developed a unique mobility solution that seamlessly blends the wired and wireless worlds for the user - anywhere within the enterprise.   Mitel® IP-DECT System (Global) extends enterprise communications to the on-premise mobile workforce, making them more accessible and more productive by having them reachable at all times.


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