Mitel’s goal is to facilitate better business results through improved communications outcomes that are enabled by “better than live” communications experiences. Ultimately, a successful unified communications solution must deliver a rich, real-time collaborative environment that rivals or exceeds what can be readily achieved through face-to-face communications.
Telecollaboration promises a new dimension to video conferencing and collaboration by creating the experience of “being there” while avoiding the many downsides of business travel. Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution enables participants to naturally communicate over distance with their colleagues as if they were across the table using a simple deskphone web interface, high-definition video and immersive, spatial wide-band audio technologies. With lower cost configurations designed for the executive office, small or large meeting rooms, Mitel’s solution integrates with desktop clients and collaboration applications to ensure a “better than live” experience during video collaboration.


Mitel TeleCollaboration SolutionMitel TeleCollaboration SolutionMitel TeleCollaboration Solution (TCS) delivers a new experience in video conferencing by connecting remote participants in a real-time collaborative environment that can rival or exceed what is readily achieved through face-to-face communications...

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