IP SoftPhone

IP SoftPhone
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The IP SoftPhone is a software application that, once installed on your PC, becomes a virtual phone that can travel with you anywhere. The IP SoftPhone connects you to the power of the Axxess® Converged Communications System through your organization's data network (LAN, WAN or Internet connection) to send and receive data packets with voice transmissions over those lines. The IP SoftPhone enables you to access powerful features, directories, voice mail and much more to expedite your call-handling capabilities.

If you're on-the-go, you can install the IP SoftPhone on your laptop, transforming it into a virtual phone. Utilizing your laptop's microphone and speakers (or a headset), you can communicate as if you're in the office.

Employees working at home or from small remote offices have full access to the Axxess system as if they were in the office. Call center agents working off-site can be members of hunt groups and supervisors can monitor calls as if they were in the office. Thus, not only does the IP SoftPhone help keep employees connected to your business and customers; it also saves money by eliminating the need for a separate phone system at each location and a hardware phone set at each desk.

The IP SoftPhone is available in the Axxess and Eclipse┬▓ series of phones.


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