Inter-Tel 7000 Network Communications Solutions

Inter-Tel 7000 Network Communications Solutions
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The Inter-Tel 7000 family of solutions delivers a powerful multimedia business communications platform with integrated IP telephony applications, centralized voice, text, and instant messaging, presence-based call and message routing, and gateway access to the public network and analog devices. Delivering rich communication tools designed to improve business productivity regardless of geographic location, the Inter-Tel 7000 is a highly-scalable, fully-redundant solution that enables seamless communication across organizations now and in the future.

Inter-Tel Communicator provides intelligent call processing and media resources for the Inter-Tel 7000. As the core softswitch technology for the platform, it offers basic and advanced telephony features including advanced hunt groups and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functionality, powerful user-based presence and routing features, data synchronization capabilities across multiple sites, true redundancy, a highly scalable architecture, and media processing for high density ad-hoc conferencing, Music On Hold, and paging.

Software integrated with the Inter-Tel 7000 includes:

Inter-Tel Personal Communicator: Enables comprehensive call control and message handling. Access is made available through desktop, PDA, voice, phone and web-based tools to ensure complete control over communications. Inter-Tel Personal Communicator allows users to control their communications with ease, reducing the burden on the administrator.

Inter-Tel Personal Communicator for Mobile Devices: Extends the features of Personal Communicator to hand-held and other portable devices. This powerful unified communications client provides users with convenient mobile application tools through native integration of real-time communications applications.

Inter-Tel Messaging Central: Delivers a centralized solution for multimedia message handling and storage. The messaging solution delivers access to messages through voice, DTMF, and desktop to fax, email and voice. The auto-attendant application delivers flexible call routing by schedule, as well as a speech enabled platform for easy directory access.

Inter-Tel System Manager: Provides the management interface for both the system and applications. Configurations, system metrics, and troubleshooting can all be monitored and managed through this flexible web-based application.

Inter-Tel Attendant Communicator: A softphone client application that runs on either a Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system platform, it maximizes efficiency and customer service.

The Inter-Tel 7000 supports a broad range of full-featured IP endpoints from our portfolio of flexible, intelligent mobile and easy-to-use multi-device options. Additionally, the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-standards based architecture of the Inter-Tel 7000 allows implementation of third-party SIP telephones and software clients. Supported Inter-Tel endpoints include:

Inter-Tel® Model 8600 series SIP endpoints (8622, 8662 and 8690): Present a rich application experience and employ industry standards for both signaling and displays (SIP and BTXML). Messaging, Inter-Tel Personal Communicator, and the Inter-Tel Communicator’s Personal Assistant application are all accessible via endpoint displays.

The Inter-Tel 7000 platform uses SIP gateways to connect to the public network, as well as to fax machines, modems, and analog endpoints. To provide this functionality, Inter-Tel has partnered and performed integration with market-leading gateway vendors.

Building on the IP communications foundation through a standard SIP-based design, the Inter-Tel 7000 family of products offer superior flexibility to accommodate dynamic business needs. SIP-standards provide a communications pathway—connecting diverse communication tools together so that they can “speak” to each other. SIP enables rich communications through simple, flexible connectivity, which allow infrastructures, applications and endpoints to interact in a standard manner.

Improving Business Processes

* Increase efficiency and lower communications costs by seamlessly connecting remote offices and employees
* Enhance employee productivity and mobility with integrated Inter-Tel communications tools that enable workers to operate anywhere, anytime, and with any device
* Enable investment protection and superior scalability of a communications system through SIP-standards technology
* Empower remote locations with IP voice solutions reliably via integrated, industry-leading redundancy and cost-effective survivability features
* Simple system management through Web-based interface that enables administration of all network components using one comprehensive tool


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