Mitel Customer Service Manager

Mitel Customer Service Manager
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Mitel® Customer Service Manager is an entry level contact center solution, available exclusively on the Mitel Applications Suite, a communications solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It enables basic contact centers or workgroups to efficiently monitor, manage, and route calls. It provides real-time business intelligence, including call performance and agent activity reporting, as well as agent productivity tools, including screen pop and PIM integration.

Customer Service Manager (CSM) provides:

  • hunt / ring group-based routing and longest idle routing of calls
  • CSM Clients, which improve agent and supervisor productivity with call management, screen pops with PIM integration, and call control
  • CSM Reporter Pro, which delivers both historical and real-time management reporting, as well as call recording capability

    Optional modules are available to address more advanced requirements:

  • Intelligent Router – provides more advanced options, such as routing by skills set or look-ahead routing, which changes the route a call takes based on real-time performance indicators
  • Media Blending – gives you a more flexible approach to contact and availability by allowing you to route media such as email, fax, and SMS text (using appropriate gateways) as email to agents, in the same manner as voice calls.
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