Mitel® IP-DECT System (Global) extends enterprise communications to the on-premise mobile workforce, making them more accessible and more productive by having them reachable at all times.
Utilizing proven DECT technology, the system provides high quality voice and messaging capability throughout the deployed coverage area; the wireless device becoming an extension of the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) with no air time charges associated to the wireless calls made over the system. The system integrates directly with the 3300 ICP over the LAN.
The IP-DECT System consists of:

  • Mitel IP-DECT Basestations deployed throughout the desired coverage area,
  • Mitel wireless phones tailored for office or healthcare/industrial applications,
  • Mitel Wireless Services Messaging (WSM) gateway for real-time messaging/alarm applications, and
  • A wide range of specialized accessories and tools.

The IP-DECT System provides:

  • Scalability to very large user populations and coverage areas
  • Messaging and alarm capabilities
  • A range of phones to suit different environments
  • Support for North American and European DECT standards
  • 3300 ICP feature integration over the SIP protocol




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